What is PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP hair treatment which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma hair treatment is a treatment that has been applied to patients for years for almost all hair problems. In this treatment, the substance that is given to the patients as medication is the patient’s own blood. After a few special steps, blood becomes a medication that can be used in this therapy.

How is PRP Hair Treatment Applied?

Firstly, blood is drawn from the patient as the PRP hair treatment starts. In order to separate the substances in the blood, it is transferred to a centrifuge machine for a while and here, the blood is separated from its plasm. There are some substances that can help cell and tissue repair in the separated plasm. After the centrifuge process, plasm taken from the blood is separated into two parts. One part is injected to the areas with problem. Later, the other part of the plasm is spread on the hair and thus, the treatment is completed. PRP treatment is completed in around half an hour. This treatment has been composed taking cell renewal as its principal and as the person’s own blood is used, there is almost no risk involved.

Who Can Have the PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP hair treatment is a treatment that can be applied for many hair problems. Those who have hair loss due to genetic factors, who have dandruff problems, who have thin-stranded and weak hair can get benefit from this treatment. Prior to the treatment, separate tests for males and females are performed to check their hormone levels. If patients are using anticoagulants (blood thinners) or going through cancer treatment, this treatment won’t be allowed. Therefore, patients must definitely talk to their doctors about everything. If there is a precaution to be taken, it must be taken.

Does PRP Grow Hair?

PRP application does not make hair grow that is not already there. It is efficient on weak hair and hair that cannot grow well. It strengthens and thickens the hair.

Following the PRP Hair Treatment

PRP hair therapy gives results later than other therapy and methods. Therefore, generally the desired result is not achieved in the first session. Usually, the patients achieve the results they desire in 2 to 5 sessions. There must be a maximum gap of one year between two sessions. This therapy does not have a side effect at all. There can only be some aching where injections are applied when the effect of the anaesthetics fade away. Patients may also have a very slight headache during the operation, but no side effect has been encountered other than these. After this treatment which takes approximately half an hour, patients can immediately be discharged. As they are discharged, doctors give the required care advice to the patients. Patients who follow this advice will have faster results and feel less pain.

When Does the PRP Hair Treatment Give Results?

As mentioned before, this treatment is not one that can give immediate results. Patients can see that this therapy is working after a few sessions, but a difference can be felt a few weeks after the first session. This treatment is not permanent for a lifetime but there are no drawbacks to repeating this therapy constantly.

What are the Advantages?

PRP hair treatment is preferred more compared to other treatments and this is because of its advantages that appeal to the patients.

  • As the patient’s own blood plasm is used in this therapy, biologically no side effects have been discovered.
  • Patients can feel the difference after the first session.
  • It is an operation that enhances the quality and the beauty of the hair.
  • Unlike hair transplant methods, the hair is not shaved prior to the operation and stays long.

As the persons’ own blood plasm is used in this therapy, recently, it has been the treatment the patients trust the most. If you have problems with your hair such as hair loss, limpness or frailty, after consulting with a doctor and having the required tests done, you can start to get this treatment and have perfect hair after a few sessions.

PRP Hair Treatment Price

PRP prices are not as high as hair transplant prices. Indeed, the price of this application is much lower than hair transplant operations.