What is a Moustache Transplant?

Moustache transplant is preferred by males who don’t have moustaches at all or by those would like to have thicker and better-looking moustaches. After the moustache transplant operation, the patients can have the look they always wanted. Since there are no cuts involved in this operation, it is not considered a surgical operation. Thus, the patients can feel at ease and choose this treatment without fear.

How is Moustache Transplant Operation Performed?

Execution steps of moustache transplant operation are exactly same as the hair transplant operation. In this operation, structures with hair roots as well as tissues in them, which we call grafts that can be taken from the nape or another donor area, are transplanted to the moustache area. As this region is small in terms of area, the operation does not last very long. If the patient has a moustache but it is scarce, transplantation of around 300 grafts is enough. Yet, if the patient does not have a moustache at all, transplantation of around 800 grafts is sufficient. During the operation, the patients are applied local anaesthetics which numb the region and therefore, they do not feel any pain or aching. Just like in hair transplantation, after the moustache transplantation is complete, the patients can be discharged immediately.

Things to Pay Attention to After the Moustache Transplant Operation

After the operation, redness and acne-like structures can occur in the moustache-transplanted area. Additionally, hair loss can be observed in the transplanted hair roots. This is a commonplace occurrence and there is nothing to worry about. Since the transplanted area is in the face, it needs to be treated sensitively. A few days after the operation, the redness will go away and a few months after it, the moustache will start to grow normally and healthily. Following the operation:

  • Patients need to listen to the advice their doctor gives them to the end as they are discharged and apply them carefully.
  • Patients should shower approximately 24 to 48 hours after the procedure is done. It is not recommended that water contacts the area earlier.
  • Approximately 1 month after the operation, the moustache is allowed to be shaved.
  • After the operation, a slight swelling can be felt above the lips, this may even cause aching at times, but this will go away after a couple of days.
  • When washing, lotions and creams that are given by the doctor need to be applied on the moustache. It is advised that the moustache is washed gently, without causing any harm.
  • There can be crusting on hair roots after the moustache transplant. It is not advised that these are scraped off before 10 days. Usually, these crusts will fall off by themselves by the 7th day.

Who Can Get a Moustache Transplant?

Moustache transplant operation can be performed on any male who has passed the adolescence stage, does not have any hormonal imbalances, and does not go through any treatment or use any drug that may cause hair loss.

What are the Advantages of a Moustache Transplant?

  • With this operation, the patients can have the look they have always dreamed of and their confidence will increase.
  • Approximately 2 to 3 months after the operation, the patients have quite healthy and thick moustaches.
  • Since the operation is carried out under anaesthetics, patients do not feel any pain or aching during operation under any circumstances.
  • As this is not a difficult operation, patients can continue their normal lives the same day.