Factors that Determine Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

There are a few things for patients to consider when doing a price research. There are many factors that influences the hair transplant cost. Some things to consider are;

  • Even though it may seem easy, hair transplant is an operation that necessitates expertise and experience. Thus, the doctor who is going to be chosen has to be a specialist in this area.
  • The knowledge and the experience of the team that is going carry out the work
  • The place where hair transplant operation is going to be performed

One Very Important Point to Pay Attention to!

Transplanting too many grafts in a single session can damage the donor area and cause baldness in the donor area. Therefore, having too many grafts transplanted does not always give good results.

How Much is the Hair Transplant Cost Turkey?

Specialist doctors calculate the price by looking at the baldness level of the person who wants a hair transplant and determining the number of grafts that are going to be transplanted. Depending on the technique that is going to be used and the graft number, hair transplant cost vary between 1.000 and 2.300€. Also compared to the other countries about hair transplant cost Turkey offers the most reasonable prices. Thats why in recent years, people choose Turkey for health turism especially on aesthetic operations and hair transplant. There are some reasons to choose Turkey for this operations:

  • According to Turkey’s geopolitics location, it’s a natural bridge between europe and asia. So that, lots of tourists comes to here and be aware of the opportunities.
  • Number of tourists affects the potential amount of patients directly; that triggers the increasing number of rivals on market, which is affecting the prices of the operations.
  • Another considerable item is Turkish Lira currency has a disadvantage due to the foreign currencies especially Dollars and Euros. That disadvantage turns to an advantage to the tourists who thinks to has an aesthetic operations and hair transplant here.

To sum up all this informations; visiting this country is a better options for health turism and especialy who thinks to have an hair transplant operations,compared to the other countries the quality of that (as a result of the number of operations have been done in this country)  and hair transplant cost Turkey is a good option.