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Dr. Kandulu Hair Transplant Turkey


Who is Dr. Kandulu? Hüseyin Kandulu was born in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and lived in Nicosia until his college education. Hüseyin Kandulu who came to Turkey to study medicine, specialised in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetical Surgery which excited his interest the most, after completing his 6-year medical training and achieved his academic title. [...]

Dr. Kandulu Hair Transplant Turkey2019-02-23T13:04:06+02:00

Things to Pay Attention to After a Hair Transplant Operation


Things to Pay Attention to After  Hair Transplant Operation There are a few points to pay attention to following a hair transplant. If these few points are followed, the healing process will be shorter and easier. Patients are informed by the doctor on what they should pay attention to following the operation. If the patients [...]

Things to Pay Attention to After a Hair Transplant Operation2019-02-01T04:54:02+02:00

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey


Factors that Determine Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey There are a few things for patients to consider when doing a price research. There are many factors that influences the hair transplant cost. Some things to consider are; Even though it may seem easy, hair transplant is an operation that necessitates expertise and experience. Thus, the [...]

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Causes of Hair Loss


Causes of Hair Loss? Usually, hair loss is experienced as a sign of aging, but aging is not the only reason for hair loss. Hair is the most important factor that determines one’s appearance. Therefore, everybody cares about their hair a lot and everybody who starts to lose their hair panics a little at first. [...]

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Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment


What is Hair Mesotherapy? Hair mesotherapy is a treatment that has been developed for the hair problems most people nowadays complain about. Having healthy and abundant hair is always desired but sometimes people’s hair can be lost due to genetic factors or due to certain drugs or treatments, it can be damaged and lost in [...]

Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment2019-02-01T17:48:28+02:00

PRP Hair Loss Treatment


What is PRP Hair Treatment? PRP hair treatment which stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma hair treatment is a treatment that has been applied to patients for years for almost all hair problems. In this treatment, the substance that is given to the patients as medication is the patient’s own blood. After a few special steps, blood [...]

PRP Hair Loss Treatment2019-02-01T17:38:48+02:00

Eyebrow Transplant


What is an Eyebrow Transplant? Eyebrow transplant is an operation that is preferred by women more. The reason for this is that women pluck their eyebrows more and as a result, the eyebrow roots get damaged and the eyebrows start to become sparse. In addition to womanly issues like this, there are many other reasons [...]

Eyebrow Transplant2019-02-01T17:20:45+02:00

Moustache Transplants


What is a Moustache Transplant? Moustache transplant is preferred by males who don’t have moustaches at all or by those would like to have thicker and better-looking moustaches. After the moustache transplant operation, the patients can have the look they always wanted. Since there are no cuts involved in this operation, it is not considered [...]

Moustache Transplants2019-02-01T05:06:18+02:00

Beard Transplant


What is Beard Transplant? Even though it has been performed quite a lot in recent years, this method is indeed a treatment method that has been done for a long time. If we are to explain this method simply, we can say that it is the hair transplantation method that is applied on the face [...]

Beard Transplant2019-02-01T17:23:10+02:00

Unshaven Hair Transplant


What is Unshaven Hair Transplant? No shave hair transplant is a hair transplant method that is recently having increasing demand from those who would like to have a hair transplant. Normally, in hair transplant treatments, the persons’ hair is cut very short before the operation. Those who would like to wear their hair at 20-25 [...]

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