Things to Pay Attention to After  Hair Transplant Operation

There are a few points to pay attention to following a hair transplant. If these few points are followed, the healing process will be shorter and easier. Patients are informed by the doctor on what they should pay attention to following the operation. If the patients do not do the necessary care, hair transplantation may give poor results.

What Does One Need to Pay Attention to Following a Hair Transplant Operation?

  • Patients who have hair transplants must absolutely avoid contacting the transplanted area with water during the first 24 hours.
  • If the patients would like to wash their hair, they need to consult their doctor. Usually, first washings are done by the doctor.
  • It is definitely not advised to use towels after washing the hair for the first few months. Because drying the hair with a towel harms the hair roots, it should not be used.
  • Patients need to take a break from activities that lead to sweating, such as sports.
  • Both before and after the operation, it is not recommended to use blood thinners for a while.
  • After hair transplant, alcohol must not be consumed for a while due to its blood thinning effect.
  • It is not recommended to consume too much Vitamin E. In addition, patients must not use aspirin.
  • Following the operation, the patients need to sleep without letting the transplanted area in their hair touch the pillow too much. It is recommended that they use the special pillows with neck support that are given by the clinic for this purpose.
  • After hair transplant operation, the patients need to be careful when they go outside in cold or hot weather. It is always better if the weather is warm. Rainy weather is what patients need to be careful about the most. Rainy weather can have adverse effects on the hair transplant.
  • If you feel the need to use a hat, it is essential that the hat you use does not touch the transplanted area.
  • After the operation, care is done for a while with the lotions and creams that the doctor has given. It is quite important that these creams are applied regularly.
  • Following the hair transplant operation, swelling can occur in the patients’ heads sometimes. These are oedema that are formed after the operation and you can easily get rid of them by following the doctor’s advice.

If the doctor finds it necessary, he/she may recommend that the patient is applied mesotherapy or PRP treatment after the transplant operation. Thanks to these treatments, the transplanted hair becomes stronger and grows more healthily. In addition, the hair looks livelier and shinier thanks to these treatments. Patients can also resort to these treatments around a year after the hair transplantation.

Hair Loss After the Hair Transplant

Following the hair transplantation, what is called shock hair loss occurs and this is quite expected during the body’s process of adopting the new hair roots. If the shock hair loss is experienced, the patients should not panic or feel hopeless by any means. They should keep applying the routine care that is advised. The hair starts to regrow approximately 2 months after the shock loss. Normally, there is no decrease in the hair amount.

The Healing Process After Hair Transplant

The day after the application of the treatment, crusting occurs in the transplanted area. These crusts fall off completely within 6-10 days after the hair transplant. It takes about 7-14 days for the donor area to heal.

When Does the Hair Start Growing After the Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplant, hair will often grow and fall out. It takes at least 8 months for the hair to reach its ultimate state. The hair’s final state is usually reached within 8-12 months after the hair transplant operation.

Washing the Hair After  Hair Transplant

The first washing needs to be done by the doctor and the information he/she gives needs to be listened carefully. It is necessary that the hair washing techniques the doctor tells are applied and the shampoos he/she recommends are used.